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A tradition longer then 80 years

The Co‐operative Winery of Tortona, today called ``Cantina Vignaioli del Tortonese`` (Winemakers
of Tortona), established in 1931 thanks to the passion of 38 vine growers, is one of the most
important winemaking firms of the Piedmont region and, without doubt, one of the oldest.

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The co-operative was established thanks to the will, passion and foresight of 38 wine producers who decided to prevent the disappearance of one of the most ancient traditions of Tortona: winemaking. As well as being a business choice, it was also a cultural choice , made possible by a deep love for a land with an extraordinary vocation for high quality wine production. This talent dates back to the Romans, who settled in the ancient town of Derthona (today Tortona) and made it a lively cultural, economic and wine producing area; proof of this are the numerous historical finds scattered on the hills near the town.

Unfortunately, these noble origins did not prevent, at the end of the 20th century, the wine producing industry of Tortona to go through a period of crisis due to the need for a structural and qualitative adjustment required by the market. This created the need to establish a co-operative winery able to implement renewed winemaking methods, always following with deep respect the local winemaking traditions.

The hills of Tortona have always had a climate and a soil composition that create a harmony that transfuses into its wines, originating unique and absolutely characteristic scents: each sip of wine speaks of the sun, the wind and the skies of these hills. In 1973, after several quality checks, the co-operative winery was awarded the D.O.C. identification mark (D.O.C. means Controlled Designation of Origin – a quality assurance label) in order to protect the uniqueness of these great wines.

The Winemakers of Tortona face the challenge between technology and tradition, market rules and ethics with a personal approach made of love for their hills, love for a craft that becomes “art” and love for the search of excellence: where wine is passion, culture and roots. WHERE WINE IS LIFE!



Today  it has 310 members and manages 550 hectares of vineyards.


Borderland, strategic crossroads of the Romans, the grape vines DOC from the hills of Tortona , consists of thirty municipalities, all having a common denominator: the geological and climatic position to host a wine of high quality.

The locations where these D.O.C. grapes of come from are:

Avolasca, Berzano di Tortona, Brignano Frascata, Carbonara Scrivia, Carezzano, Casalnoceto, Casasco, Cassano Spinola, Castellania, Castellar Guidobono, Cerreto Grue, Costa Vescovato, Garbagna, Gavazzana, Momperone, Monleale, Montegioco, Montemarzino, Paderna, Pozzol Groppo, Sant’Agata Fossili, Sardigliano, Sarezzano, Spineto Scrivia, Tortona, Viguzzolo, Villalvernia, Villaromagnano, Volpeglino, Volpedo.

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